Available Paintings from Collaborative Artists

Kim Donaldson

By An African Watering Hole

Pastel 23″ x 34″

Kim beautifully captures the African Landscape and it’s wildlife. he works in a loose, almost impressionistic style. Kim also works in a range of mediums.

Pastel is noted as almost pure pigment, the same pigment used in making all fine art paints, and it’s the most permanent of all media.

James Tandy

Limited Edition of one.

24″ High

African Hard wood base included

James Tandy works in a classical methodising hammer and chisel to beautifully capture the native indigenous African people.

James works in Verdite also know as the ‘Green Stone of Africa” making him a highly sought after artist. Verdite has a unique colouring that it boasts an emerald-looking quality with beautiful brown/blue green striations that unfortunately is becoming rare and difficult to find.